Photo Gallery of The Drigung Kagyü Office

A wide range of projects and programs on this website are lumped under the Drigung Kagyü Office. We did so partly for convenience, and mainly because these projects and programs were carried out by the same people.

We, the members of the Drigung Kagyü Office, are deeply grateful to all causes and conditions that enabled us to be part of so many wonderful projects and programs. May we be blessed with further opportunities to work for all sentient beings. Below are a few projects we have been involved in.


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photo Adak Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche of Adak Monastary, Khamphoto of construction in Nangchen Kham for Gar Nunneryphoto of H.H.D. Chungtsang Rinpoche arriving in Yushuphoto of Tenkila Jamyangling receiving blessing from Rinpoche at Drigung Kagyu monlam held in Khamphoto of famous Stupa in Bhoda Nath Nepal decorated with Drigung Kagyu prayer flags to promote loving kindness and the Dharmaphoto of Ling Gesar Statue in Yushu, Tibetan Mythological Herophoto of various lamas of Nangchen and lay peopleimage of Tenpela Jamyangling at opening of Zatod Tibetan Library with local girlsphoto of Acho Khen Rinpoche of Yachenphoto of Loga Rinpoche of Yunan and Genyen Jamyanglingng in Li Jiang, Yunanphoto of Loga Rinpoche and Genyen Jamyangling in Rabgye Ling, Yunanphoto of Omgya monastary located within a cave in Yunanphoto of Genyen Jamyangling with local women of ThargyeLing, Yunanphoto of Jamyangling Sha in Katsel, Tibetphoto of the great Yogi Thogden Yungkar Rinpoche blessing Tashi Jamyangling with  Rinpoche's holy texts in Rinpoche's retreat hutphoto of Jwo Khang courtyard in Lhasaphoto of Genyen Jamyangling, Lhochen Rinpoche of Kham and Jackie Hanley looking at cloud formationsphoto of statue of Songtsen Gampo at Songtsen Library in Dheradhun, Indiaphoto of monks receiving an empowerment at the Drigung Kagyu monlam held in Lumbini Nepal during Monkey Yearphoto of Drigung Kagyu monks on International tour performing monastic dances and rituals