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Photo Gallery: Dukar Flag Project

Healing the Planet Earth, and thereby achieving World Peace, was the single most important work of Togden Yunga Rinpoche.

"In this day and age, there is nothing as powerful as hoisting Dugkar prayer flags for World Peace," Rinpoche told us. Day in and day out, monks and nuns hand printed woodblock prints of Dugkar prayer flags.

"If there is no World Peace," Togden Yunga told us, "building monasteries mean nothing more than mere dust."

The divine goddess Ushnisha Statapatra (Dugkar) of Kriya Tantra manifested from the esoteric words that came forth from the ushnisha (protrusion of the Buddha's head).

We were fortunate enough to receive funds and print thousands upon thousands of Dugkar prayer flags in Chengdu and send them out for hoisting all over Tibet and many parts of Nepal, India, Germany, the United States, and Canada.